Packing Features

In order to let you savour the exotic flavour and rich aroma of Marah Tea, each exquisite tea variety is expertly packaged to ensure that the fresh taste is carefully preserved. Be it in regular tea bags, innovatively designed pyramid tea bags, distinctive canisters or unique handmade containers, our premium teas come in a range of attractive packaging that is ideal for personal use or to give as gifts.


Filled with premium quality Ceylon tea, our unique pyramid tea bags are specially designed to let you better enjoy the exotic tastes and aromas of exquisite leaf tea.


Ideal for everyday tea drinkers, our carefully packed regular tea bags contain all the refreshing goodness of tea in an easy to use pack that is both convenient and time saving.


A perfect gift idea, the elegantly designed Marah Tea canisters are sealed air tight, protecting the crispiness of the tea leaves and ensuring its fresh aromatic essence remains untainted.

Our Teas

In order to quench the thirst of the numerous tea connoisseurs, there is an assortment of exquisite tea blends produced by Marah. Adding a sense of variety to your life, Marah caters to all the consumer requirements ranging from pure, unblended tea to flavoured and herbal blends. In addition, we have a unique range of exotic Marah products in store for all tea lovers. The quality is supreme at every stage of the production process of our various teas. The handpicked fresh tea leaves are handled with much care till it is processed and packed to assure the finest quality of Marah Tea.


Specially created to suit tea drinkers who enjoy life on the go.



Inspired by the legacy of Ceylon tea and enthused by the myriad of possibilities.



This lively tisane of camomile infused with green tea and lemon grass is entrapped by an aromatic zest of cinnamon.


Earl Grey Classic

The fascinating story of Earl Grey Classic Tea can be traced back to the 19th century.


Original Black Tea

A personification of the delicious goodness of a cup of pure black tea.


English Breakfast

A perfect brew to wake up to, the sweet aroma of English Breakfast Tea is complemented by a full bodied taste.


Camomile Bliss

An ideal drink to have at the end of a long day, our Camomile Bliss offers a truly relaxing drink.


Jasmine Soul

Mildly flavouring the finest of Ceylon Green Tea with the aromatic essence of jasmine, we present Jasmine Soul,